Giving voice to histories and cultures through digital experiences

Arkivox works with independent researchers, small archives and artists to build engaging user experiences with digitised content. We work with underrepresented cultures, aiming to turn curated archival and material collections into digital humanities projects that are accessible, compelling and most of all, empowering.

As part of our mission, we aim to explore deep historical and social connections out of objects of knowledge and culture from developing regions and minority groups and use digital technology for memory work, visualised storytelling and re-imagined counter narratives.

We offer tailor-made, open-source software to create projects that are democratic and socially engaged. We create tools for transcription, tagging, and geolocation for crowdsourcing initiatives, and are open to alternative ways of producing knowledge through digital platforms.

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Selected examples of our capabilities

Preview image for Mapping Philippine Culture

Mapping Philippine Culture

Preview image for Naskah Sumatra

Naskah Sumatra

Preview image for Soundscapes of Empire

Soundscapes of Empire

Preview image for The Life and Work of Elisa Tan

The Life and Work of Elisa Tan

Preview image for World War 1

World War I

Preview image for Terms of War

Terms of War

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